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Residential Cleaning

Did you know that each year several pounds of dust, debris, soil, and dander can accumulate under your carpets? Vacuuming regularly helps remove surface debris, but it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to remove the majority of dirt. We at Calgary Carpet Care are fully trained to know exactly how to remove deep stains, ground-in soil, and even lingering odors.

When our carpet cleaners arrive at your home or office they will begin by thoroughly inspecting the area in order to locate stains and any tough problem areas that may require additional attention. Please keep in mind that not all stains are created equal. There may be some permanent stains, like those that have had time to set in over an extended period of time, that even professional cleaning can’t correct. We will locate these spots and inform you right away so you aren’t left surprised or dissatisfied when our work is complete.

The carpet cleaning method we use is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This method is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer over other cleaning methods such as dry and shampoo. Hot water and a cleaning solution is pressure-sprayed onto the carpet and then immediately vacuumed. Ingrained dirt is extracted from within the carpet fibers. This technique is the best way to eliminate dirt from older carpets that may not have been cleaned for some time. Carpet is ready to walk on after 2 to 3 hours.

We use eco friendly, non-toxic methods to::

  • Safely eliminate human skin particles, fungi and germs which dust-mites feed in your carpets
  • Safely eliminate other things that trigger allergies like pet hair, mold, and pollen
  • Safely eliminate debris and dirt
  • Safely eliminates stains and spots

Stain Pretreatment & Spot Removal

There are some stains that cannot be removed. However, our expert carpet specialists can get rid of the majority of stains before they become a permanent problem by using a professional pre-treatment and spot removal service. This industrial treatment eliminates tough ground-in stains that other retail spot removers can’t. Plus, it is completely safe on your carpets!

Sanitizing & Deodorizing Your Carpets

When it comes to cleaning your home or business, you sanitize counter tops, tables, and other surface areas. But how often do you sanitize your carpets? If overlooked, carpets can become a hotbed for viruses. In fact, the virus that causes the stomach flu can survive in carpets for a month or even longer! This spells trouble, especially for young children who play on the floor. Professional sanitation is important and at Calgary Carpet Care we take it very seriously. Our technicians will also eliminate any unpleasant odors caused by food, urine, or pets using special treatments. These deodorizers will digest the organic matter that is causing the smell, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean!

Protecting Your Carpets

When you installed your new carpet, it probably came pre-treated with a carpet protector. This will extend the life of your carpet, but the protection does wear off over time. Reapplying carpet protector after a professional cleaning will help preserve the color, beauty, and life of your carpet. Additionally, carpet protector is resistant to many substances so it will give you extra time to clean up spills before they turn into stains. It’s the smart choice for those who want to see their carpets stay beautiful longer!

Residential Cleaning

Our goal is to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service you have ever experienced along with super friendly professionalism. We can take care of the toughest jobs! Check out our before and after images to see how well our eco-friendly steam cleaning can clean!

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